The Love Kids Band is a group of characters that use the power of music to promote faith, love, confidence & values in children.
Help us finish producing their CD & take the Love Kids Band characters on a worldwide family show tour in 2014. It will be amazing. Donate Now.
Download the Love Kids Band song "Morning Praise"

Love Kids Worldwide Multimedia is a biblically based company that is dedicated to spreading positive, life-empowering messages to today’s children, instilling in them respect for themselves and others. The messages are designed to repel the insidious and pervading negative messages continually pumped out by the media.

The vision of Love Kids Worldwide Multimedia is one that every bible -believing parent, church, organization and content-conscious adult should embrace as their own. It is a vision that empowers, protects, and preserves the innocence of our precious children during their crucial formative years, when their self-image, core values, belief system and habits are formed.

With your support, together we can help save a generation of children, by producing the highest quality entertainment, educational content and innovative technology. Our products, merchandise and services will help to spiritually empower children with a strong foundation, rooted in God’s Word!

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