Love Kids Worldwide 50 / 50 Instant Pay

We at Love Kids Worldwide appreciate our friends, and we value your aid in spreading the news.  We understand, too, that it can be challenging to buy the resources that you need for your children.  That is why we have developed the Love Kids Worldwide 50 / 50 Instant Pay plan for all digital sales.

The process is very simple, and your earnings can potentially greatly exceed your investment.  Whenever you purchase a digital product through our website, we supply you with a special link.  Share that link with your friends – or with anyone who may benefit from buying the same product.  When your friends use that link and purchase the same product, we track those purchases, and every other purchase  results – immediately – in a direct payment to you.  (That’s why we call it “Instant Pay”!)

How does it Work?

To illustrate:  If you purchase the song “Morning Praise”, at a cost of $1.29, you receive a link.  Share the link with your friends.  If 50 of your friends purchase “Morning Praise”, you will receive 25 payments – not for 5% – not for 10% – but for the full purchase price!  Our logic is that we would rather sell One Million copies of “Morning Praise” and keep half of the funds than to sell 200,000 copies and keep it all.

It’s not just about money, though.  We have a goal of One Million Kids getting up every morning, singing “Morning Praise”.  We can’t make that happen without the help of you, our friends.  The Lord will reward you with His blessings – and  Love Kids Worldwide will reward you by sharing the profits!

Too Good to Be True?

What’s the catch?  Only this – and it’s a matter of function – those payments are made very quickly after the purchases are processed, but in order to receive them, you must have a PayPal account. Purchases can be made using any debit or credit card, and no Paypal account is needed to buy, but we can’t credit money to your card – it must be done through PayPal.  Anybody who has a bank account and an email address can set up a PayPal account quickly, easily, and at no cost.  There is a slight charge, by PayPal, for handling the funds.  We charge you nothing.  So you won’t literally receive the full $1.29 for every second sale, but it will be close.  You receive it in full, minus the PayPal fees.

One other small problem:  we haven’t yet figured out how to credit you for purchases other than the exact item for which the link was issued.  If someone follows your link, but ends up buying a different item, you don’t receive credit for their purchase – so – if your friend is interested in a different product, be sure to send them the correct link to correspond with what they want to buy.

Make money – On Facebook and Twitter!

If you spend an hour per day on Facebook or Twitter – and lots of folks do – you could easily be earning money every day during that hour, by spreading the word and sharing the links.  How can you say “No”?  You can help to save a generation, and make some money on the side!

Building a Strong Foundation to Save a Generation
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