Love Kids Worldwide Multimedia is the product of a father’s love. When my daughter, Hannah was about two years old, I began to notice that demoralizing media targeted towards the impressionable minds of children was intensifying without boundaries. Understanding the influencing power of entertainment, I was appalled that the market was saturated with negative material. Distressed at the near total lack of suitable items available to empower children with core values, it became my obsession – I should say “my calling” – to develop such products. Although my original goal was focused on my own daughter, the vision quickly expanded to a worldwide scope.

Web developers and others think I’m a bit crazy when they ask for an example of the type of website and productions we want to create. My response is, “That’s easy, look at Disney. Although much of their productions lack the life empowering substance that children need, they have high quality multimedia and seemingly unlimited options. We want to develop a biblically based company similar to theirs. With a fifty-year head start, and billions of dollars behind them, we’ve got a long way to go.

I am still trying to understand why God gave me this vision, rather than someone far more qualified. The vision is far greater than R.Lamar Williams. It will require (and already has required) the long term efforts of a deeply committed team – but above all, it will require a committed effort of proactive believers who share the same convictions.
All down through Biblical history, God’s hand is seen most clearly when His human agents are inadequate to resolve a problem – and they know it – so they are forced to rely on Him. This calling has absorbed most of my waking moments for several years, and most of my family’s discretionary funds. As resources have allowed, much progress has been made.
My Bible tells me that “the earth is the Lord’s…” With over 300,000 Churches in the US, and an estimated 2 billion Christians in the world, there should be 3 or 4 biblically based Disney type multimedia companies, serving the needs of parents, churches, Christian schools and Godly families – but I haven’t found one!

Love Kids Worldwide Multimedia is committed to producing high quality media and innovative technology that will empower children for life. We donate free content to at-risk youth in under privileged areas, and have sent products to children who have been rescued from the sex slave trade in Thailand. We also give away cool “free stuff” on the website, and offer a way for our brothers & sisters who want to support the vision to make donations.

We are not a not a nonprofit organization, but we believe in giving back. Our business model calls for the company to become self-sufficient, so that we need not request/rely on support from anyone. (Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet!) Billions of dollars are invested in demoralizing media targeted towards children annually. We need your support to produce & market high quality media that counter-balances the demoralizing entertainment (& new age educational content) targeted towards children.

 Counter balancing the effects of demoralizing media which constantly bombards our youth is a war which we dare not lose. Because we believe that, all of the funds initially came directly from my family’s budget and loans. However, this process is too big for one person or one family. IF you agree with our goals and would like to donate to the cause, we welcome your assistance. Together we will build a strong foundation, and help to save a generation.

All donations will go towards the continued production of life empowering media. You should be aware that we are not a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, so we cannot offer any tax write offs. IF our tax exempt status changes we will notify you.

In His Service,

Lamar Williams, CEO

on behalf of Love Kids Worldwide Multimedia

This letter will prove to be unique in our communications. I’ve revealed my heart to you, and technically, I am the CEO of the company – but I’m fully cognizant of the part which each member of the team has played. Most communications will be signed “The Love Kids Worldwide Team” – because I readily acknowledge that I couldn’t do it alone. Thank you for taking time to read this lengthy tome! Please stay around to explore the site, and check back frequently, because it will be changing. Many new products are coming and a Love Kids Band (Characters) musical show will go on tour in 2014 (with your support).I hope you will see fit to become one of our “regulars”!

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All donations go towards the continued production of life empowering,
Bible based media for children

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