Rev. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray

Minister Retired at First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Los Angeles; Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics, Center For Religion and Civic Culture, University of Southern California.

“Then along comes Love Kids Worldwide with a wraparound of approaches to solutions for existing problems. They ask two things of those who care and respond to the dictum that “It is indeed a vulgar society that ignores its young”:

Hill Harper

American film, television, and stage actor, and author. An alumnus of Harvard Law School; Best known for his portrayal of Dr Sheldon Hawkes on the CBS drama television series CSI New York

I am pleased to offer my earnest support for Love Kids Worldwide. Love Kids Worldwide has a mission to offer the highest quality and relevant entertainment while imparting strong values and principles. Our children are constantly exposed to all forms of negative content; and Love Kids Worldwide provides that positive and dynamic alternative.

Barbara Henderson: Teacher

I am an Educator in the Houston area. I am writing to share my excitement about the Love Kids Worldwide Educational Program. I love that this program provides our kids with a Biblical foundation and stresses the spiritual and academic development of all children. As a teacher, I see this as cutting- edge teaching in a world where our children are influenced by the media and driven by the technology age.

Delores Brown

President of the Institution of Maximum Human Potential

An organization with a staff of PHD.LCSWs that focuses on child mental health and family related issues.
I am writing this letter in support of Love Kids Worldwide (LKW) The Institute for Maximum Human Potential Aligns itself with LKW’s mission to promote the restoration of families through relevant holistic based entertainment and educational digital media.

Angela R. Balbin: Mother of 3 Children

Interior Designer, Klamath Falls, Oregon

I believe that Love Kids Worldwide is vital for the children of this age.  Not merely for the positive reinforcement, but even more so for the spiritual awareness of walking out the word of God daily.  This world’s media has mentally and emotionally pulled children away from their spiritual grounding so suddenly and parents are more preoccupied by the mandates of this world to survive. Parents have been waiting a long time for this kind of learning entertainment to come along. I greatly support Love Kids Worldwide and know that my three children would enjoy it also. 

Brigitte Straub (Media)

Founder/Wake Up! Media (After previewing prototype site)

It is with my deepest conviction, that Love Kids Worldwide is one of the best multi-media sites for both children and parents out there today that I have seen. It is a web site established in excellence and has much to offer children in many respects.

Dr. Gene Johnson, President of GPC

How exciting to have such a breath of fresh air in the education of our youth! LKW provides an out of the box look at the building of self-esteem for our children.

Mary Snowden Stevenson

Baltimore MD. US Air Force (Administrative), Community Activist, Delta Sigma Theta

After reviewing Love Kids Worldwide proto type site replied.

‘My God, what a powerful and “timely “product for the generations. Whatever business model or plan that you are using I pray it sufficient to get this out to God’s people…QUICKLY. No parent on the planet will want to be
without this. “

Bright Riley

President, Eyecon Entertainment Group | Fontana Universal Music Group Distribution | Visual Entertainment.

We are thrilled with your business plan, its cutting edge and exactly what’s missing in children’s entertainment. In the event this project catches on, it could do really amazing numbers.

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