Public Enemy #2: Pesticides and Genetically Modified Foods

Most people believe they know “healthy” from “bad” foods. I mean, fruits and veggies are always on the healthy list, right? But the shocking truth is that today’s fruits and vegetables are a far cry from their far superior ancestors. Not only are they less beneficial than they were before, but they can be downright dangerous.

Most of us know that foods are not as healthy nowadays because they are so over processed, but we generally assume when we are buying fruits and vegetables for our family we are feeding them something that is nutritious for our bodies. However, the fact is that the fruits and vegetables we buy in the grocery store are hiding dirty little secrets.

Pesticides are known to be toxic, however fruits and vegetables contain such large amounts of these toxins washing will not remove them. Pesticides are known to effect the nervous system, immune system, reproductive system, as well as developmental and behavior problems. And, what is even more shocking is that the rate of effect on young children is far greater than on adults. Think about it, pound for pound a child eats far greater amounts of food for their body weight. Therefore they are consuming even more pesticides than adults, and at a time critical to proper development.

In addition, it is important to look for foods that have not been genetically modified. It is estimated that about 90% of our foods today are genetically modified. From 1994-2001 new genetically modified foods started being used, which is also the time when food related illnesses nearly doubled.

Genetically modified foods are considered “safe” by the FDA, despite many studies that show many problems. Food that has been genetically modified, meaning its genetic makeup has been altered, is deemed by many health professionals as a serious threat. These include not only fruits and vegetables, whose seed have been altered genetically, but include milk and meat as well.

Cows themselves are being genetically modifies with hormones, either to increase milk production or to increase growth. These hormones do not go away once the cow is butchered; it stays in your meat. It does not stay in the cow only; it is in the milk as well. These hormones are dangerous and unnecessary.

Choosing organic foods help avoid the problems of pesticide overdose, and the effects that come with it, as well as helping avoid genetically modified foods (GMO). Growing your own fruits and vegetables are a good way to go, but be careful of the type of seed you purchase. More than 85% of seed has been genetically modified. Look for a reputable seed company that carries seeds that are organic, GMO free, and heirloom; this will help ensure the best seed possible.

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