Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels are an important part of remaining healthy. High cholesterol levels are a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, which despite medical advances, remains the number one cause of death in the country. Cardiovascular disease cause strokes and heart attacks, and sadly can be prevented.

Education on how cholesterol levels effect health can go a long way in creating awareness on how to prevent cholesterol levels from becoming high, before there is a problem. Basic things to know about cholesterol are:

  • LDL or “bad cholesterol “clogs arteries and cause risk for stroke and heart attacks.
  • HDL or “good cholesterol” actually binds to the LDL or “bad cholesterol” taking it into the liver where it is filtered into waste.
  • A good HDL or “good cholesterol” level is 60 mg or above.
  • A good LDL or “bad cholesterol level” is less than 100.
  • Triglycerides levels are also usually mention when testing cholesterol. Triglycerides are not a type of cholesterol, but basically a “bad fat” in the blood stream. As with LDL or “bad cholesterol”, triglycerides cause cardio problems. A level of less than 150 mg should be the goal.

Living a healthy, active lifestyle goes a long way in avoiding problems with cholesterol. In addition some natural remedies that have shown to be effective in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels are:

  • Vitamin C-A vitamin natural occurring in many foods including citrus fruits, vitamin C has been shown to naturally reduce cholesterol levels.
  • B vitamins-Are necessary nutrients that are more convenient to consume in a B-complex vitamin supplement. They have been shown to lower LDL, or “bad cholesterol”.
  • Chromium-Considered not to be an essential nutrient, chromium has been shown in studies to raise HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Fiber-Easy to obtain in foods, fiber binds to cholesterol in the intestines not allowing it to enter the blood stream.
  • Grape Seed Extract, Coenzyme-10, and Soy have all also been shown in studies to lower cholesterol levels.

Supplementation alone will not maintain healthy cholesterol levels. A healthy diet is of optimum importance in not only maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, but maintaining a long and healthy life.

It is also equally important to maintain an active lifestyle. Living a sedentary life greatly increases your risk for cardiovascular problems. Remaining physically fit throughout your life can not only ward off many health problems but can greatly increase overall quality of life.

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