Have you ever noticed how much energy children have? They are like super charged machines. I always joke that I wish I could bottle up my kids energy and sell it, I would make a fortune. Well, the fact is you can’t bottle it or sell it, but you can use it to help make you get fit.

Yeah, you read that right. It’s actually pretty simple. When your kids are outside running amuck, you run around with them. Not joking. I don’t know how many of my clients I have shared my “little secret” with who look at me dumbfounded, but trust me …it works.

Okay, here is a good example. Say the kids decide to go outside after dinner time and play tag, YOU GO TOO. See, it’s simple. And as an awesome bonus, the kids will be excited that Mommy is playing with them.

The fact is that games such as tag, jump rope, football, and soccer all are cleverly disguised workouts. While you may not have the unending energy of your 7 year old, you will be surprised how many calories you can burn just playing.

I advise making a weekly habit out of family play time. It’s a great way to connect as a family, and sneak in a little extra fitness at the same time. So tell little Johnny “no video games tonight” (and Dad too, if necessary) and head outside for a little family fitness fun.

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