As a trainer for many years, I have encountered many reasons for having weight loss goals ranging from the bizarre; “My husband says if I can’t lose at least 50 lb. he will divorce me”, to the unrealistic; “ I am at a size 22 now and would like to be down to a size 8 within a year”. My answers to them are the same; weight loss is successful when it is both realistic and desired. So what does that mean exactly?

Being Realistic

As in the example above of a goal to be able to go from a size 22 to a size 8 within a year, our goals must primarily be simple and attainable. I am not saying that it is impossible to go from a size 22 to a size 8 in a year, and I am not saying that there is not a possible way that it can be done in a year; but generally speaking healthy weight loss takes time. A good estimate of a healthy weight loss is roughly 2 lb. per week.

With a realistic goal one aims for a healthy life style change combined with a healthy weight loss goal, not the goal of a particular pant size. Keep in mind that not every body type and bone structure is meant to conform to a certain pant size. A healthy body is what matters.

Having the Desire

As in the example above, the woman wanted to lose weight at the demands of her husband. The desire to lose weight has to come from the person not enforced by someone else. Chances of success are slim if you are losing weight to please someone else. The desire to lose weight must be yourdesire; a desire for your body, your health and your own reasons.

By making a list of reasons that you wish to lose weight you can have a better chance of coming up with realistic goals and realistic milestones. Be patient, weight loss does get accomplished overnight. It requires lifestyle change, commitment and persistence.

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